Cultivating a Stress Free Life

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The inspiration to write this book came firstly from my personal experience of stress and the struggle to manage it in my multiple roles as a Christian, a single mother and a professional.

Upon thorough research I undertook as part of my Masters project on work related stress,  I realised my  findings had not managed to successfully manage stress in the work place. Needless to say, Stress remained a global challenge. 

My search for answers led me to explore my own Stress management as a Christian and that of other Christians I talked to. I realised how widespread stress was among Christians and how difficult it was to talk about it in the Christian arena. Christians suffered in silence in fear of being labelled faithless, weak, punished of God or backslidden.Then there was the guilt of not being able to trust God to get them through and the self-defeating belief that God was punishing them for something they’d done wrong. 

My search results from the bible pointed me to God’s point of view when it came to stress. There is hope. There’s a place of peace, perfect peace,  where Christians can be anchored in times of Stress.This was my initial reason for writing this book with intent to expose this “hidden enemy” stress.  

I continue to explore and study not just this “Elephant in the room” but the solutions available in the bible as well as learn from the examples set by those who went through stress like we do.

I invite you to go on a journey with me in this book and its edited version and other future books in the pipeline as we learn how we can overcome and defeat stress by managing it His way.

Jambie Davenport, September 2018

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“…This is a ‘must read’ for both counsellors and those going through stressful times”

Michael Coveney,  Church Leader & Author


“Stress is without doubt one of the most common sources of suffering in the West today. This book is clear on the causes of this perennial problem and gives much helpful and practical information on how to reduce the effects of this modern menace in our lives. I highly recommend Jambie’s book.”

Tom Griffiths, Senior Pastor, City Praise Centre


“Jambie’s book focuses on a health issue of global magnitude – “Stress”.  The WHO in 2015 estimates 300 million people equivalent to  4.4% of the world’s population suffer from depression. Similarly, over 200 million or 3.6% of the world’s population live with anxiety. This gives an idea of the size of this problem. Beyond anxiety and depression, stress also has far reaching consequences for individuals, families, communities and nations. Some of which have been highlighted in this book.

The book sheds light on the early warning signs for depression and anxiety, it describes some quick screening questions and also sign posts readers to seek help professionally and spiritually.

It concludes by providing advice from personal experience and God’s word on how to maintain a stable mental health that is able to withstand stresses which are inevitable in our day to day lives.

The discussion in this book is backed with relevant  biblical and empirical data. It is a must read for all who would like to learn how to flourish and live a stable life in the midst of the stresses of life.

Doctor Y Ajakaiye  MBBS, MRCGP