Whose Choice is it anyway ?

Rarely has a movie stirred up such controversy and backlash as the Canadian release of "Unplanned", the true story of Abby Johnson, an abortion clinic director and Planned Parenthood “Employee of the Year,”.  Johnson,  one day witnesses a "suction curettage abortion" and decides to quit, the job, the pro-abortion side completely. She then goes on a … Continue reading Whose Choice is it anyway ?

Drop the Stigma: You too are prone to anxiety, Stress, depression & burnout.

If we are honest, we all go through anxiety at different levels in our lives. But then we are also quick to judge and point fingers at others who show their anxiety or whose anxiety is preventing them from performing to expected standards. Are you silently suffering with the devastating effects of mental health conditions … Continue reading Drop the Stigma: You too are prone to anxiety, Stress, depression & burnout.

The elephant in the room: Anxiety Epidemic

What is anxiety ?  So many of us are so anxious about being labelled “anxious” that they need help to reduce this anxiety. It’s part of the mental health stigma that exists and that prevents many people from getting help.  One in five people in the UK suffer high levels of anxiety while one in … Continue reading The elephant in the room: Anxiety Epidemic

The “Sad Generation”

Why are we so sad ??? It is estimated that 322 Million people equivalent to 4.4% of the  global population is living with depression according to WHO report. The report also includes data on anxiety disorders, which affects more than 260 million people3.6% of the global population. The prevalence of these common mental disorders is … Continue reading The “Sad Generation”

Proactivity in Stress Prevention

What is proactivity ? And how does it fit in christian stress free living ? Proactive oriented behaviour is one that acts in advance of a future circumstance, rather than just reacting to the problem. It involves taking control and making things happen rather than adjusting to problems or waiting for them to happen. The … Continue reading Proactivity in Stress Prevention

A healthy work place: A Biblical model

We can learn a lot from Jesus’s example of a workplace. The bible  explores what his ideal workplace was like and how it was managed. He talked to his disciples, detailing the roles, the job, job description, support and training given and the expected productivity in John 15. He distinctly painted a picture of a … Continue reading A healthy work place: A Biblical model

Clinging onto slippery surfaces

When David thought he’d seen it all, had enough trouble and family drama, his young daughter gets raped by his other son, Amnon. The drama continues as the angry brother Absalom kills Amnon for raping his sister. The worst family drama. I can only try to imagine the misery, the shame, feeling of failure as … Continue reading Clinging onto slippery surfaces