God’s Peaceful Dwelling Place


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The idea of a peaceful, restful place in God is scattered across the Bible.

In Hebrews, Chapter 3, the writer gives the history and explains what had happened to the Israelites in the wilderness, how they had missed out on God’s rest, the peaceful living of God due to their unbelief (Hebrew 3:19) and later he calls it disobedience, a failure to trust (Hebrews 4:11).

He then pleads with us to be diligent, tireless, persevere and to carefully strive so that we do not miss out, like the Israelites had done. One major hindrance to entering into God’s Rest is failing to cease from our Works. Arguably, accepting the “Grace” given by God to live the Christian life and principles only through faith and not our own righteousness. Rather, ceasing from our own efforts and accepting the completed work of the cross.

Our tendency when we don’t understand Grace, is to work hard and do our best to earn or achieve things for God. This can result in frustration and discouragement. However, the  unmerited favour of God requires none of our contribution, it only requires submission to Gods will and path then things fall into place. Its only with the help of Holy Spirit that we can fully submit and let go of our own will, ambitions, dreams and wilfully give in to Gods dream and purpose for our lives. This is easy but not too easy when we are used to doing things our way. It requires one to be intentional and to apply the word of God to their lives. Therefore, trusting God is directly linked to being able to enter his restful place. Isaiah reaffirmed this when he declared:

“You will keep in perfect peace, him whose mind is stayed on thee” Isaiah 26:3.

He demonstrates how trusting, fully depending and resting on God results in “perfect peace and rest” despite the presence of problems. God’s dwelling place is the only true place of peace.


  1. Tell of a time when you worried about something that turned out to be fake news
  2. Have you got a place/room where you go to avoid chaos and find peace ?


Peace I give unto you, not as the world gives but my peace


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