Take your positions, Stress is coming 


What meal reminds you of happy times or makes you feel happy every time you have it and why ?


What is proactivity ? And how does it fit in christian stress management ? Proactive oriented behaviour is one that acts in advance of a future circumstance, rather than just reacting to the problem. It involves taking control and making things happen rather than adjusting to problems or waiting for them to happen. The prefix ‘pro-’ means ‘before’ so if you are proactive, you are ready before something happens. Proactive behaviour aims at identifying and exploiting opportunities that take preventative action against potential problems and threats. 

For some people proactive behaviour comes as second nature. However, for many others, it’s a struggle to establish this kind of behaviour and mindset, mostly due to a set of inherent beliefs acquired through practice, culture, family and educational experiences. 

Proactive approach to Christian stress management and dwelling in the peaceful dwelling place in God would mean, learning about the place of peace and making a decision to get in there, allowing God to shepherd you, staying under His umbrella and constantly striving to remain there. It may be a daily decision or an hourly decision that you keep making until you develop or establish the behaviour. Jules Rendell says it’s like going to the gym and exercising your mind, training it and taking captive of thoughts to make them subject to the spirit of God. It involves letting go of your own effort and letting or allowing God to help you. 

In order to manage stress projectively, we need to have stocked up on the word of God and stay prayed up in preparation so that our response to stress is from God’s perspective.  The Bible takes a firm stand on peace, with some strong statements coming from Jesus and the apostles. They all insist on peace being ours to claim, a promise and an inheritance at all times. So let us be bold and take a stand to live in peace, with the ability to resist stress and worry built in from the Word of God.  Nevertheless, it is work in progress, but as we learn to spend time in the peaceful dwelling place, we get better and it gets easier. Ice-breaker

What is one characteristic you received from you parents that you want to keep, and one you wish you could change? 


  1. What things do you do make you a worrier ?
  2. What traits do you have that makes you calm and peaceful
  3. What so you think you can do to increase peaceful living in your life ?          Pray! 
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